Any drummers out there?

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  1. :wave:

    I figured we could use a thread to talk about all things drum related here.

    Right now I'm looking to get better. I haven't improved much in a long time, I usually just play around for fun and don't practice anything to get better at it. I just have fun doing the things I can already do. So what are some things that you've done to get better other than taking lessons? Any good websites or anything out there?

    Vic Firth: The World's Largest Manufacturer of Drumsticks and Mallets has a lot of good info for drummers.

    What are your favorite bands to drum along to?
  2. something Ive done to be better? Being drunk helps me
  3. I drum dude :D
    4 or 5 years im sure :D

    Virtuoso Kit (terrible make, my family was poor when they got me it though).

    Stagg Double Bass Pedal!
    I love my metal druming :D

    I usually dont jam to anything, as my drums are too loud for my Pc Speakers :O:D

    Ahead Drum Sticks :D Joey Jordison Signature!

    when i want to learn something new, no matter how crap i am, i just play it over and over (pisses off my mum cos it usually sounds crap untill i master it) :p.​
  4. Buy a metronome and practice the rudiments.... Then just keep getting faster.

    That is completely where I messed up - I just played along to cd's
  5. i love drumming. i just recently got a pearl forum kit that i like, and now i can practice and play along with rage and tool and lz and pink floyd etc. danny carey from tool is the best drummer ive ever heard. and brad wilk from rage has some nasty beats.
  6. I Drum all day now.
    Being high helps me master songs though.. they are in more "in depth":smoking:
  7. Ive been playin for bout 8 years, currently using some old shitty pdp and savin for a custom dw. nothin better than blowin one and putting the ipod on shuffle and jammin for a bit. practiced rudiments for about a year, nothing wrong with teaching yourself and playing along to songs. and keep that double bass ish outta here haha
  8. I play drums. Not really anymore since I started guitar but I used to play every day. Drumming is dope.

    Mostly made heavy progressive beats but I pretty much dabbled in everything (including Hip-Hop ;)).
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    Yeah, I play drums! I also sing too though, I'm way better at singing than playing drums :(

    Oh yeah I have Yamaha Power V's with some okay cymbals and an awful ride.. hate that thing, never use it.
  10. yes sir, right here! proudly play dw's in broken glass, zildjian a/k customs. those things are my babies

    somebody mentioned playing high... i played high after smoking a blunt. i felt so good :p
  11. being drunk makes it easy

    and while drunk i am a god of all metal
  12. yup, i drum on occasion with my bros set, really good to learn rythm if your looking to do any kind of music, my programming got 100x better after i started drumming
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    thats funny you mention that. i play terribly when drunk


    no ride in that picture

  14. No.


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