Any doctors around? I've been feeling horrible lately, swine flu?

Discussion in 'General' started by Indi420, May 26, 2009.

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    Hey everyone I'll cut to the chase I've been feeling like total shit the past day or two. Here is what I have.

    1. A very very very sore throat, hurts to breathe, eat and cough
    2. a chronic cough i've had for over a year(nothing doctors have gave me has helped)
    3. I get very lightheaded when I stand up from laying down
    4. I feel like i'm going to puke because I feel very dizzy even when I'm still

    5. This is what is making me post, today I fell asleep at around 8pm my time, at 930 my gf called me and woke me up, I thought it was morning. Like I really thought it was morning I thought it was impossible that I was only sleeping for an hour and a half. This was auctally very scary. I felt like I was in a dream because there was NO way I was only asleep for an hour and a half, it felt like I was totally knocked out for like 15 hours. (reason why I can't sleep right now is because I have the same energy you would have after waking up from a 15 hour nap:eek:)
    6. I also get a headache after the lightheaded feeling goes away, a bad one. for hours at a time.

    The swine flu thing was just to get people in the thread, I know I do not have swine flu. I just need some help so I put a catchy title.

    I don't have health insurance, but this is kinda freaking me out.

    A few weeks ago I think I had vertigo for about a week, I'd be in bed and feel like my entire bed was spinning to the point where I would come very close to throwing up.

    I also only eat about 1 meal a day, and that is dinner. Lately I've had time off work and have been sleeping for about 15 hours a day, I feel tired all the time.
  2. well shit first off eat more, eat a strong balanced diet with lots of vegetables. Man up and go to the doctor dude, you have money for weed right?

  3. only reason I have not been eating is because I sleep literally all day long, and yea I guess I'll head to the doctors. :(

    I sleep all day, wake up when my gf cooks me some chow, after I eat I go back to sleep.
  4. I mean if these symptoms happen at different times, might just be random stuff you know, but if this is a unified attack on your system seems pretty serious ya now.

    The sleeping all day thing worries me too. Your body is doing something that is taking all your energy ya know?

    Are you depressed at all? Not implying anything just curious it can sap your energy
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    They all happen around the same time kinda like this.

    Sleep all day, wake up, sore throat hurts like a bitch, stand up, starting feeling very light headed as soon as I stand up, eat , after eating I get a bad headache, lay down, feel like im spinning and like im going to vomit, fall asleep and sleep really hard.

    but no I'm not depressed, I'm building a grow box and that has me happier than a kid during christmas time. I just have not finished it because of my sickness.

    my body also feels very warm, but i'm not hot or anything.
  6. maybe your gettin too much sleep? HOnestly I had periods when i was younger where I'd sleep for extended periods of time and wake up real groggy and alittle nauseous.

    might try messing with you schedule, might find a part of the day you have more energy in?

  7. I'll give it a shot, like right now my head is pounding.

    Edit: Thank's for the help, very much appreciated.
  8. Well I think I figured it out. I found a few moldy dishes in my room :)confused:How they got there I do not know, I always clean my shit) and check this out.

    vertigo [feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, faintness,
    and unsteadiness]

    Sore throat




    Sleep disorders ( before this all went down I could only sleep a few hours a day)

    feeling lost or "disconnected" from what's happening around you(light headed) so today I am going to clean my entire house and wash everything, blankets, walls, sheets, desks, everything,

    sorry for caps and font, its the text from the mold website.


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