Any diagnoses for these leaves?

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  1. I have a outdoor plant going and it was doing amazing. Went through some tough rains and winds but she held through. Im wondering whats going on with her lower leaves, they have this odd grey yellow rustic type look to them. Any idea on what this could be?

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  2. Zoom out give me a body shot. If u can
    Is only the damaged leaves yellow?
    It does look like a pest tho
  3. Me tooo..................... I use something stronger than neem oil ...just this once

    also Calmag time !
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  4. Avid. Kills everything bug related
    Actinovate sp. Is a biological fungicide
    If you ever in life come across some shit you just cant overtake these 2 will never let you down.. just tossing this in there lol
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  5. It's funny you guys say that I did kill a web that tanhled my leaves saw some red little specks that I got rid of. Some parts have holes as if it was bitten. I was also thinking to get some cal mag for her
  6. Red specks are spider mites 100% sure
  7. There actually orange in color
  8. Here's a body shot of her. It looks like most of the damage started at the bottom and they started working they way up.

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  9. That’s 100% a pest.. Check the underside of your leaves man they are breeding under there!

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  10. Looks like Im going to war boys, gunna research some ideas on how to get rid of and keep these lil sheets away from my plant.
  11. Yup leaf miner damage
  12. The great outdoors .. whatcha gonna use on them?
  13. Yeah the great outdoors lol Good news is I got two indoor gals going incase this one doesnt make it. Im not sure what Im going to do, might snag some basil plants to put around her, heard sticky noted and petroleum jelly helps get them stuck. Also gunna get been oil. I heard garlic can be used too?
  14. Get one of these. Guaranteed to kill any bugs

  15. Well I did some research and found organic forumla to try on my girl in hopes of gettimg rid of these leaf miners. I treated her 3 times the since the last week, cut all the infected leaves, luckily not too many. I checked on her today and I dont see any signs of leaf miners anymore, no signs of pests, nothing hiding under the leaves. So far so good. Her leaves are nice and green and she actually grew a lot as well. I'll keep a sharp eye on her and keep some of that spray ready in case I see them return. Hopefully not , thanks for the help guys!

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  16. Best of luck buddy
  17. looks like leaf miners.
  18. She looks nice

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  19. Definitely leaf septoria, miners for sure Google or youtube is and should be your best friend

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