any delaware tokers in here?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Wrestlin_toker1, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. just wonderin how many delaware tokers we have in this bitch......
  2. I used to go to bethany all the time, its a cool town and the people that live there are awesome
  3. Right here, man!! I'm in my 4th year here at UD. You from New Castle County as well, or slower-lower?
  4. Word Ive been to Bethany quite a few times, its chill.

    Oh BTW anyone in Delaware can vouch for me on this, but is Grotto's Pizza not the best pizza ever created?
  5. ^^Ugh, no way man. Grotto pizza is BUTT. They get away with giving you half the normal amount of cheese cus they swirl it, and it doesn't even taste very good for the price you pay.

    Ya need to come up to jersey if you want some good pizza. Peace a Pizza in Newark is pretty damn good, but that's gourmet pizza...totally different.
  6. Damn dude I loved Grottos, I hate a whole medium to myself and wasnt even stoned.

    I also really liked Nicabolis or whatever it is in Rehobeth I think, that place was sweet.
  7. Haha when stoned it's probably not as bad...cus you know...muchies help!

    I've been in DE 4 years and I still haven't made it down to the beaches!! Gotta do that!
    Any good glass there?
  8. there used to be a little t-shirt shop in rehobeth that sold pieces, but they stopped sellin it and i dont kno why... im from lower slower
  9. and also newark up by the college has some bomb ass headies..... i got a gram for 15 and i was stoned as i ever was...

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