Any decent jobs in the Seattle area???

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiffyDeezy, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Need a job...clear some debt real quick =P

    anyone got any suggestions?
  2. wish I did homie! if I hear of anything I'll give you a shout, my buddy is lookin for work too :(

    what level of income/skills are you dealing with?
  3. shit i dont really have any certifications as of now, im still in school ...bellevue cool college =P

    but yeah i just need a short term job....for 2k....something thats not mcdonalds...a buddy said fry's is gonna give that a try.

    but good lookin, just hit me up
  4. ugh don't do Fry's man that place is bad news. Better stuff out there believe me, maybe check out PCC's site, they list jobs if you check the link at the bottom under jobs and they dont drug test ;)
  5. whats PCC???
  6. Work from home. Start your own business breeding spider monkeys.
  7. work from home...grow weed:cool:
  8. Breed the spider monkeys and train them to grow weed.
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    yeah ok
  10. have you asked your college's employment office? They can usually hook you up with a decent PT job somewhere around the community. Thats how I've stayed employed continuously for the past 3 years in the same general area as you.
  11. thanks i will do that

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