Any Dallas Cowboy fans here? What do you think about T.O.?

Discussion in 'General' started by antarchy, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. How do ya'll feel about the newest Cowboy? I really really hate him. But if he can get us back to the big game I don't give a damn. It's just he's a whiney little bitch who can't rap to save his manhood. I like Jerry Jones only because he really cares about the team winning. He traded 22. He gets in <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Campos</st1:place></st1:City> way on the sideline like he's the head coach or something. But he loves the cowboys so what can I say.
  2. ravens are my team, but i also like the cowboys as well. i agree w/ you 100% i hate T.O. but if he helps the team win than thats great. T.O. is a great football player tho im pretty sure he will help out alot if he isnt a total dick
  3. As a philly native and a eagles fan it's my duty to despise him. Yea he's a good wideout, although not nessisarily the best. Hes a self centered piece of shit who would rather be the center of attention and get more money than actually be a part of a team. He'll stay happy with the Cowboys until it doesnt suit him anymore and then he will do the same thing he did to the eagles and the 49ers.
  4. Those are my fears exactly. One thing I have to say I have hated the eagles since before I was born but last year solely because of T.O. I wanted to see ya'll do well. I respect Donavan he seems to be a good person and he's a great football player. That being said I'm back to hating the eagles. Oh and I am the lizard King I can do anything!
  5. The lizard man is simply no match for the whale shark.

    Sorry I just gotta be real.
  6. Lizard King controls an army of stoners. Whale Shark can't breathe out of water. Lizard King trumps all fish.

  7. What are you smoking cuz you need to pass that shit over here. It's been proven time and time again that whale shark controls the ocean. Along with the oceans come a particular person, his name is Aqua Man.

    Do you know what Aqua Man does? Put simply - Aqua Man is like Jesus to the Church of the Ocean. All his worshipers follow him and answer to his command.

    If you believe the Lizard Man is safe on land, you are sadly mistaken.

    The majority of the Earth is OCEAN.
  8. Ha night crawler biotch! As soon as aqua man pulls his gay ass out of the water he gets smacked right back into the drink. Come on Who is scared of aqua man? beside the point that the lizard king is Jim Morrison. He'll get aqua man all hopped up on peyote and ding ding KO.
  9. Cowboys fan for while. I don't like T.O. either
  10. Yeah I just don't get it I know Jerry wanted a "big name" player but why get one who is so despised by everyone? I was happy with K.J. T.O. just sucks. I know Bill wants to win one quickly but at any cost? I’m extremely ambivalent on how I feel about this.
  11. reppin PHI and TO is that bull.

    i'll have to get an owens and a williams jersey this year.
  12. hopefully he doesn't ruin your team like he did the last two....
  13. Althought I'm not, both of my parents are from philli and therefor don't like him at all. We now live in dallas but moved here from NY so it just feels like were bringing everyone down with us heh.
  14. I’ll get a Williams jersey got forget about T.O. You know if you like him so much for 50 bucks you can buy a t-shirt and a cup branded with his insignia and a copy of that great rap song he did. I haven’t liked T.O. since he did that pen thing. You remember when he pulled the sharpie out of his sock and signed the football then gave it to a “fan”. The fan was one of his friends and latter he sold the ball on his website what a fuck.

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