Any cs, wow, or wc3 gamers out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if there are any people that play WoW, on kel thuzad, frozen throne, or any cs playas!
  2. cs 1.6 and i play frozen throne every now and then
  3. tft once in awhile, wow alot haha cs used to alot now i stopped
  4. hit me up to play anything, my aim is omg a 1337 train
  5. W.O.W player over here. my main character is Chrisx and my secondary is WarLoard. add me to ur friends. :)
  6. Wow and CS.

    But CSS is for n00bs, i'm uber 1337, 1.6 till i die motherfucker!!! 1
  7. Fuck yea rasta, im with you!!! 1.6 4 life!!! to the guy that plays wow, u on kel'thuzad?? and if so please tell me u dont play alliance... :)
  8. I play CS source sometimes but not much. I play WoW a good amount on Frostmane.
  9. O yea my relm on WoW is killrogg
  10. im kel'thuzad horde!! horde ftw! anyone wants to play anything, hit me up
  11. frozen throne here. ak47nugget is my username.
  12. Yea thats sick that ppl on G.C play WoW. WoW kicks ass!
  13. #1 Day of Defeat Source
    #2 BF2
    #3 CS:S

    xfire : Trentemoller
  14. i play wow. i cant do av unless im high. else i get too pissed off at the dumbness. usually raids too lol.
  15. CS 1.6 / WoW: Kil'Jaeden Alliance / W3FT but only for TD's
  16. I play WoW all the time.

    My main is a lvl 60 undead mage on Kalecgos.
  17. CS 1.6 almost every day
  18. Ima WoW junkie, Bleeding Hollow- Snock

    For the Horde:eek:

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