Any Criminal Justice, Poli-Sci, or Wildlife Mgmt (Warden, Ranger) in GC?

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    Title says it all basically. Currently I am in second semester of college and will begin coursework on my major soon. I am hoping to do a double major in criminal justice/ political science. The ultimate job I would like to have is being a park ranger, game warden, property technician in CO.

    Can anyone confirm how much a double major in these fields would help my cause?

    I do not know much about how to double major so can someone explain? Does it take 4-4 years for both or however much time it takes to meet all the required hours for both? Many of the classes are the same with the exception of a few so Im not sure how that would work....

    Last thing is how would you guys like working in the wilderness of Colorado acting as "Law Enforcement" in some cases. I would be accommodated with my own weapons, pistol and sport rifle. My own truck, access to air patrol, fourwheelers, and marine travel. I know its not all fun but I truly do have a passion for wildlife and nature. Avid shooter, hunter, gatherer, and fisherman for 13 yrs... Not to mention busting poachers bitc* azz's

    If anyone specializes in this please HMU!:smoking:
  2. I am a Political Science major, and minoring in German
    I plan on going to law school and study international law.

    Why not go to law school OP?
    environmental law?

  3. Nice, this was my original plan. I wanted to only major in poli sci with a masters in law but Im not sure I could take that career path. Where it would be more economically prosperous I cant see myself doing it, also if your planning on doing that I would strongly look into the decriminalization process in previously legalized states! Just a comment.

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