Any controversial faves?

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  1. I’ve been looking at a lot of games I really like and a lot of them do appear on various lists, ranking pretty highly. But one of my faves sticks out like a sore thumb... it’s my fave Zelda game and it’s Zelda 2 The Adventure Of Link.

    That game usually divides people, but I’ve always loved it - it was the first Zelda game I played and the first one I beat. In fact it’s the 2nd NES game I beat back in the day (Duck Tales was 1st).

    Does anyone else have any fave games that are maybe not held in such high regard or spawn debate? Any platform!
  2. I've always enjoyed SimCity. I don't get the chance to sit and play a game for extended periods, so SimCity has always been a great option to put on while i'm doing other things... casual gameplay.

    Not exactly controversial but when they released their 2013 version of the game, which required users to connect to a server in order to play, there were TONS of connection problems due to server capacity... and even more backlash from gamers and critics.
    I couldn't even play the game for the first 2 months after i purchased it, due to connection errors. They eventually fixed the problem and also offered an "offline" option but by that time the damage was done and people had already made up their minds about the quality of the game.
    I really enjoy the 2013 SimCity though, it's my favorite version of the game and i've never had connection issues since that first initial period during launch.
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  3. 220px-Freedom_Fighters.jpg
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  4. Anything from steam thats not Early Access
    having tried several EA games on steam
    they are gutless M-Fers
    that over 75% don't ever get finished
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  5. Anthem was probably one of the biggest let downs of 2019 so far. Division 2 was and is amazing. Literally 3x the content than the first one. Excited for breakpoint.
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  6. Loaded up Medal of Honur Allied Assult last night in memory of the D-Day landing
    They got me on HD Beach not Utah
    I could'nt get the screen up to 1920x1080 ...bummer
    So re watched Band of Bros instead
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  7. I can't remember the name of it because its been a really long time time since I played but there was this game were you going around and sneak up on people to kill them... Like with a knife or suffocate & stuff like that. I remember it was controversial af and it made some people angry lol.

  8. Also I like GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 might be consider controversial because of the things the characters say and do. Idc tho they still 2 of my favorites.


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