Any Concerns With This Mix? Comments? Suggestions?

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  1. Hey Gc, I was hoping a few of you could review a soil mix and see what you think, It's been cooking for roughly two weeks and I'm just looking for a little reassurance that this soil wont just kill plants on contact lol.

    So here's the mix.

    5 Gallons Peat moss
    5 gallons Native soil. (high native worm casting content)
    3 gallons composted manure
    1 gallon glacier gold potting soil.
    3 gallons perlite
    1 gallon Vermiculite 
    8 quarts BG worm Castings.

    1 cup Epsoma Garden tone
    1 cup Epsoma Iron tone
    1 cup Mexican bat guano
    1 cup alfalfa meal
    1 cup Kelp meal
    1/2 cup neem seed meal
    1/2 cup Oyster shell
    1/2 cup Azomite
    1/2 cup Green Sand
    1/4 cup lime
    1/4 cup blood meal

    Whole recipe x12  Has been cooking for 2 weeks

    Any thoughts, comments or concerns?
    Advice for next time? 
  2. Maybe more casting and another cup kelp meal! Everything looks good except for the fact I never heard of the iron meal.
    I use Espomas Greensand and Tomato Tone tho, so I'm sure it's a fine product.
    You're also missing rock dusts from the mix! You can add it at any point tho, and not have to cycle the soil any longer because of it.
    Greensand and Azomite are rock dusts, but I'd suggest adding around 4 cups of glacial rock dust or granite dust as well!
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    Well, greensand is rock; but it's not anywhere close to being either dust or a rock dust/flour such as is used in the capacity that organic gardeners use rock dusts for.

    I'd hate to add 4-5 cups/CF of greensand to a soil...

    Just wanted to clarify...


    Edit - I can only assume that "iron meal" is a misspelling.
  4. Thank you for posting this, I see GS gettin more attention then it really needs. Mined mineral deposit, not shattered rock.

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