Any concentrate attachment for for a whip vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bayvape510, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Looking for an attachment that will work for a whip vaporizer. Just bought one a couple weeks ago off eBay. It's a cheap one but it works well for me only draw backs are the heat up time for me. But other than waiting a few mins I have no problems. But I would love to find an attachment for concentrates like wax, crumble, and shatter. Any ideas?
  2. What style bowls do you have? My vapolution sells a concentrate bowl. With is a glass tube with one open end, a closed end for concentrates to sit and a small hole in the glass a little ways up for airflow. It's 6 dollars. I vaped some dry shatter and fell in love, then broke my bowl lol
  3. Don't mean to thread jack but how do you like your vapolution?
    this is the one I purchased. Any idea of what attachment will work?
  5. I like it, it's a learning curve for me to use. I've never vaped before. I've been using the infuser a lot and my concentration bowl till I broke it. I love that it doesn't put off much smell. I just need to buy plenty extra bowls.
  6. Hard to tell the size of the bowl from that pic. Mines the size of a pencil roughly

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