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  1. Just forced them into flowering because I don't wanna run out of room please tell me what ya think any comments will be greatly appreciate thanks in advance :smoke:

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  2. Hey your plants look awesome man. Keep an eye out for pre-flowers and yank any males ( if bag seed or non-femmed). What kind of lights are you running, I'm curious?
  3. I'm actually using 2 actual 60 watt floros 2 40 watt equivalent and 2 100 watt equivalents over top of the plants and it's all floro my hps was suppose to be here before flowering but they r getting so big i think it's from the different light spectrums they are getting not sure but whatever it is I'm happy ..:smoke:....

  4. It is, mixed spectrum is closer to real sun light which is better for the plants.
  5. It's my first time and some bag seed its day 50 and do you think I could finish flowering with these lights they are roughly 18-20" tall

  6. What is your total ACTUAL WATTAGE, also you want to lean more towards the 2700k for flowering. Do you have more 2700k or more 6500k at this point?
  7. I have half and half but the two that hang over it are 2700k and I have 2 60 actual 5700k watt floros 2 40 equivalent 2700k I believe and 2 26 actual watt floro 2700k hang about them

  8. This is a good mix for flowering. Your buds should turn out nice, any nutes?
  9. Yes I'm using doctor earths soil witch has bat guano and earth worm castings in it and I was using there brand of organic veg nutes during veg and I flushed and went with there organic bud and bloom booster no miracle grow shit heard it was bad
  10. Looks like the could use some zinc
  11. How do I add zinc

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