Any Coffee Geeks on here?

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  1. Not really the right forum, but was wondering if there is any fellow coffe geeks on here that like to partake on the green as well? I drink a different brew every week. MadCap, Doma, Intelligentsia, DogWood and Klatch are some of my favorite. Rock a Chemex brewer with a Kone filter and Baratza Preciso grinder. What kind of Coffee do you drink?

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    drinking intelligentsia with a syphon coffee maker.  kurimi and flecha roja right now.  i drink whatever's on the shelf.  any recommendations?
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    It's the Territorian way.
    Haha that Oz ice coffee was the shit! Pricey though.  :hide:
    Yes I love a J and a freshly brewed coffee with cream to start the day. Hippy speedball.  :yummy:
    So's everything else in this fucking country.
    Though I sure hope we pay less for it than they do down south. I'm Territory Proud, and all that jazz. :cool:
    Dat zero speed limit.  :cool:
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    Dude, NICE! Syphon brewers are awesome. I've got one, but there kind of a pain so I don't use it very often. Two of the best coffees I have ever drank are 
    Has an uncanny strawberry taste and looks like red dirt when you grind it. Awesome floral flavors, very crisp light acidity and easily the best one ive ever drank 
    This one is a close second. Very very "Dank" aroma like the name implies. Just has a fantastic classic coffee smell and taste with a great full body. 
  8. I just made POFFEE today! It's my own invention. That's right pot coffee! I had two cups and was wasted all day! The caffeine speeds up the initial wait time for it to hit! Best coffee eva!
  9. Confession, I am a caffeine addict.  :confused_2:
    It's really fun smoking a joint with a cup of coffee. I like taking a good hit, having a sip and then blowing out the smoke. Tastes nice.  :yummy:
  10. I'm a barista at a local coffee shop in my city. We've got like 4 locations total. Admittedly, I'm not hugely nerdy about it--so I vaguely understand bits and pieces of the science behind it. But mostly I'm not that educated on it. I've been workin there for almost a year so I can sure as hell make a damn good cup. But beyond that and bar maintenance and the few other necessary things to know, it's meh. I'm there to serve tha peeps. Das all

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  11. Seen a guy once order a tiny cup and it cost £60
    More money than fucking sense

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