Any car peoples here. Like know shit about cars.

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  1. Buying 1st car. Just doing some looking on craigs list, found this nice 93 Honda Prelude with a bunch of mods, including lambo doors.

    Check it out here, honda prelude si vtec many mods

    Asking is 4000$. I just don't know shit about cars, seems cheap for all those mods, unless they aren't really pricey mods or something.. It's got the lambo doors which is nice.. But it also doesn't list the mileage.

    Opinions on this car please, only people that know shit about cars and mods please.

    And then this 02 custom dodge neon, looks pretty fucking dope.

    It just seems way to cheap, asking 4500$ and it has 30k miles?? And looks like that? There has to be something wrong with it, doesn't it seem?

    I have 20,000$. But I'm not really trying to spend big, just my first car and I will have A LOT more money coming in, from things I can't say if I feel I need to spend more in the future.

    Looking at the 5-6k range, and then I will be paying straight cash so I can negotiate at least 1-2k off I would imagine?

    List some cars I should look into.

    No hatch backs, no suv's, no trucks. Cars. I want something sporty, but then I don't want high insurance, but if I like the car enough I don't care as I will probably put it on my moms insurance or sisters for low ass costs lol.

    Or a non sporty car that looks sporty.

    Was also looking at this suzuki verona
    ***********************suzuki verona*****************2006

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