any car junkies/racing enthusiasts of any kind

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by acekilla89, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I just wanted to see if any of the people in the city are car junkies or racing enthusists...
    any kind of racing too...

    i love working on cars and shit...i admire street racing (never do it tho) and i really love rally racing and drifting.
  2. I LOVE racing! I just bought myself a new car 2 days ago:D
    I plan on getting into autocross next month and eventually drifting/gymkhana.

    Here's my new toy - 1991 240sx KA24DE

  3. 240's are plannin an SR20 swap in that or you keeping the KA
  4. Eventually I'd like to do an SR swap, but I'm pretty broke now haha. But the KA is working great, so much fun:D
    What do you drive?
  5. a geo prizm...if i had money id have a different car but my cars held up for 3 years and the only thing i had to get replaced besides the tires was my alternator. when i get a job and bank some cash im gonna buy a new car then start doing things to the geo (it may seem pointless, but i got a plan)
  6. I'm a weekend SCCA grid worker, occasionally, I'll go out to the corners, good times

  7. thats pretty cool...what you drive?
  8. I love and live rally racing.

    Preferably in the US, because, i can say the driver's name.

    My favorite car, which happens to be my dream car is an STI.

    While on boons, my friends and I pick out the nicest Subaru's we can find.

    It's quite upsetting seeing so many of my dream cars being driven my douchebags who don't deserve such a great machine.

    Rallying is the sport i love.
    I'm currently saving up money to go the O'neil racing school in Vermont to try to prove my skills (lol i have none) to rally team owners who often times go there.

    Such as Ken Block, #43 of the subaru rally team.
  9. im gonna start saving next year for a wrx or an sti. need something turbocharged...
  10. Yessssss

    I do Auto X with my S2000 (and before that my RX-8 which caught on fire and exploded in a mall parking lot while idling)

    Ill upload some pictures when I find the memory stick with all the pictures from my last event
  11. Track days, and driving fast and pushing a car limits. mmmm

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