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  1. I recently just purchased a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500. I love the truck, but it's a quad cab (6-seater) with a 5.9l engine. The only thing I haul around is my bass gear, but my fuel economy is around 11/15. I did some research, and things like aftermarket air intakes, air filters and exhaust are supposed to increase fuel economy. The question, what's the margin of increase, with either just one of these after market parts, or a combination of them? Is there a noticeable difference in fuel economy, when these kind of things are changed in a car?
  2. depends on the car my brotha. dont know to much bout dodge trucks, but i got a ford f-150 and the after market air intake def helps a lil with fuel economy at least with my truck.
  3. Yeah, I just meant in general, with cars. I just mentioned the fact that the car in question is a Dodge Ram, hopeful that someone else with the same car, has experience in the question. Thanks for the response though, I'll definitely look into a new air intake. K&N are supposed to make good aftermarket intakes, right?
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    yea forsure. i mean to be more general in my answer, air intake, air filters, and exhausts all will definently help maintain a better fuel economy and also will keep your car running longer. its definently a good investment. i just dont know how much it would help a dodge. hopefully someone can answer your question with more insite.
  5. More air = More Gasoline
    More Air + More Gasoline = More Power
    More Power = More towing capability

    But if you keep your foot out of it, you should notice a fair increase in gas mileage.
  6. All the things you've mentioned will help increase your fuel efficiency, it's hard to tell by how much though. Basically you want to be as efficient as possible. Lower the restriction to flow in your intake and exhaust is a good way to start. Another thing to check out might be trying to find a reflash of your engine management software that is focused on efficiency. Another thing to check into would be low rolling resistance tires.

    However, one of the best things you can do to improve your fuel efficiency is to look at your driving habits. Accelerating slower and using your brakes less will give you better gas mileage.


    Basic maintenance- change that oil regularly and keep those tires inflated.

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