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Any Cannabis users from India?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hdnode, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im new to this site but I am liking the community and all the information on this site. Im pretty much just here to ask is there any tokers from India? Or people that have visited or have experienced cannabis in India. Just here to make a couple of friends. Any from Bangalore, India to be exact? I actually used to live in Chicago and I recently moved to India. I was a fan of weed back in Chicago but Im a bit scared to purchase here. I keep hearing stuff about how the weed here spiked and how they add battery acid to the weed.

    I really wish to pick up this wonderful habit again and just wondering if there is anyone with any useful information for cannabis in India :)

    Hope to hear from some people in India living the High life!
  2. Also I have never tried hash and I know thats super popular. Anyone have any info about that also? I heard u could get it from bashi shops or something like that.
  3. I was in india for a vacation ages ago. I remember smoking that cream. best thing ever.

  4. Is the high similar to that of weed? Or is it better? :)
  5. i heard india got that bomb ass bud man

  6. See thats what I heard too but in reality I dont think that exist.
  7. Dude,
    Don't diss it till you try it.
    I am from India, and I've smoked (and smoke) some really good stuff here.
    While it might not be as potent as the genetically engineered stuff you get in the US, it is pretty good. Some of my friends who had come down from the US sometime back have also vouched for it.

    I have been totally bombed for a coupla hours atleast.
    Yup, there do seem to be a higher number of hash fans here but personally I am a fan of the green. But try the hash you must.

    Its quite easy to score in Bangalore. And Hyderabad. And Pune. :D From personal experience. While I dont know any dealers per se, we have never found it very hard to buy. It costs about 200-300INR for a small packet out of which you can make about 7-8 joints with.
  8. Yeah I'm from India. The stuff is good if you have the right contacts, but they are many people out there selling not so good stuff. Kerala gold is one of the best strains available although there are a few others that are quite good too.

  9. I LOVE to hear news like that. I love green and wasnt looking to try hash but I will cuz im open to new things :) Problem is I hear all the stuff is spiked and decent stuff is hard to find. Its not the quality im concerned about. Cuz even if they are low mids it would be alright. Im just worried about getting spiked stuff. I dont want to smoke battery acid. Another thing is I dont know the language at all either. I came to bangalore to go to college hah.

  10. Yes I have heard of that! Problem would be getting it since I dont speak the language. My family is from Kerala tho so Iv been around there.
  11. Yeah I haven't heard of stuff being spiked either, but sometimes the quality may just be poor.

  12. Iv heard this from another guy on this forum that lives in Bangalore. He says alot of the stuff is spiked with rat poison and battery acid lol. But damn man that indian lanrance shit looks like its amazing man. 9 bucks? hollly fucking shit dude! now the hard part is finding that :(


    This guy
  14. BUMMMMB!

    i have made a few friends who blaze but they are also trying to find a place to to get some. i heard maybe hoskote has some? anyone have any insight?
  15. weeds gotta be just growing in the bushs this time of year around there! one guy on here posted a vide and he walked maybe 100 yards from his house to a huge ass cannabis field haha!

  16. Amazing! So I should wait around a month till its "season"? Also have you ever tried american weed.
  17. There is weed available in each college. Just go to one and you will find a couple of kids smoking cigs wearing bob marley shirts. Stoners aren't so hard to find. I'm sure they will hook you up :smoke:
  18. I've heard India has some of the best weed. I want some of that original Hindu kush growin up in the mountains for thousands of years.

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