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Any bongs with no carb?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sir Psycho, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Every dam bong i see on this site has a carb. Are there any that have a slide? I really dont want a carb. Im looking for a cheap one too like 50 or less. Or maybe do some of them have a slide and a carb?
  2. It depends, like the cheaper plastic ones have a carb and no slide. Glass bongs usually have slides. You could probably get a decent glass one with a slide for 50.
  3. Im looking at all the Glass ones on here and it looks like they all have carbs to. I dont get it.:confused:
  4. All?

    The amount of bongs I have seen on here without a carb outweigh the ones I see with a carb by A LOT.

    $50 isn't going to get you a great GonG bong.

    However, grasscity sells some decent bongs that have slides and a carb.
  5. So uhh could someone point me in the direction of some Bongs on this site with slides. It'd be much appreciated:).
  6. Try EDIT man,

    *Sry Gc
  7. You cannot be serious. Lots of bongs on GC have slides, man. You're obviously not looking very hard.
  8. Can someone just give me a link to one bong on this site without a carb?
  9. Lol I posted one but turned out to be same link as guy above me xD

  10. repeat much?


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