Any bongs that have two seperate bowls? (one for wax and one for the bud itself)

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  1. Im think I worded the title good enough to get what im saying.. but are there any affordable bongs that have what I said in the title? Something AT MAX around $250, but preferably in the $100's
  2. It's not the bong that matters. Just buy a bong and then buy an oil dome for it. But it'll end up tasting different cuz you're mixing oil and flowers
  3. [​IMG]

    Something like that? Then you could put your slide in one and your dome in the other

    Grasscity sucks, google "Dual 18 mm Female to 18 mm Male Adapter"
  4. 100 bucks lol. i dont think they have any in your price range,
  5. If he bought a cheap china glass straight shooter or something and an oil dome with a glass nail he could pull it off around like $120
  6. not worth it...
  7. Agreed. Buy a nice ass bong and just smoke concentrates on top of the bud.
  8. i got a little rig that came with a bowl and a dome and nail and dabber for 110. go check out your lhs
  9. Probably not a bong that will come one with one... but you can buy an oil dome for you bong just make your you know which size your glass is like or what ever
  10. Migrant glassworks
  11. 100% sure weedstar makes one

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