any body play final fantasy

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by martay666, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. love the games me once get on cant get off dunno what it is about them lol:wave:
  2. FF fan, favorite is still FF Vii and FF VIII

  3. think mines ff XII at the mo or 10-2 love yuna lol
  4. Hell yeah bro, I'm thinking of giving FFIX another playthrough, it's gotta be my favorite of the series. I loved X, and I thoroughly enjoyed VII, and VIII but they don't have me coming back like IX does. I haven't played any of them after 11, but I think I'm gonna hit up gamestop this weekend and buy 12 and 13.

  5. aaa good good u cant go wrong with 12 had me on it for many of days with no sleep lol good licence grid goin on and story line is brill lol:)
  6. only 1 i really truly loved was final fantasy 7...seems like yesterday when i was a kid playin that took so long to beat it...
  7. FF7 for the win of course...i never beat sephiroth though..freakin threw planets at me and i died hahaha
  8. Have been a fan for quite some time. My top would be X and a tie for second with VII-IX. They just take out more free roam with each one it seems like. I didn't like XIII that much because of that.

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