any body live in PA, USA

Discussion in 'General' started by bud-E, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. yeah im just wondering if any one was ever successfully aable to grow outside in PA,and if any one knows the penalties for growing in PA
  2. yeah man you can grow good plants in pa, y couldn't you, i'm not really cought up on the laws at this moment for growing. It depends on the amount, go to and find out then post back and tell me whut u find. I don't feel like looking anything up.
  3. I would check out which should have your states marijuana laws on hand.

  4. i havent started yet and since its summer. im starting up so i was wondering if i should do it in side or outside
  5. in pa its getting late to start growing outdoors, you might not end up with as much bud as you hope, i know you won't. But i just started some plants late anyways, even if i only get a lil bit of bud its worth it. Just try to start the plants outdoors, were you want them to be, i have mine in pots. Were do you live in pa (northern, southern, eastern, western)?

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