Any blades working at a warehouse?

Discussion in 'General' started by tenshuu, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Any blades out there work in a warehouse? Anyone do any pallet picking?

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  2. Yeah, I'm an order picker in a warehouse. Pretty sick job man, I just drive a forklift around and check things off the list.

  3. Yeah man, my warehouse uses an rf scanner system and stickers. We work 5:30pm until we have every order and truck filled for the next morning's deliveries. Easy job, overtime pay, weekly bonuses. Love the job.

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  4. Ive worked in warehouses since high school. Decent pay, decent hours, and usually no weekends. Pretty easy jobs for the most part and lots of oppurtunity for slacking off. Only downfall is the prospect of a drug test is always present in a warehouse since any kind of equipment accident will result in a drug test. Ive lost 2 decent warehouse jobs because of this
  5. Dude quit driving the standup forklift off the dock! Just fkn around.

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  6. Yeah...

    Just for hired three weeks ago. It's a food warehouse. My official position is a pt truck unloader, using the pallot jacks and forklifts. I'm getting better with the forklift, and overall getting a better feel/ more confidant at the job, so it's easier, and I have more fun.

    Only complaint is my lower back kills atm. Gotta lift wit dem legs..
  7. Same here minus the forklift


  8. Most of the guys I work with toke too, makes for an easy crew to get along with

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