Any blades out there play D2?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fatjack4391, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Looking for any blades out there who play Diablo 2 on US East non-ladder to play with so I'm not so god damned bored.

    And/or anyone I can maybe help out or they help me out. I know mad stoners play it.

    my account is Jesuskilskids

    I have others but don't go on them unless i need to xfer shit, but i cant cause i don't know anyone who plays who can help me xfer.
  2. I just started playing d2 again (relapse) from a 3 year break. I play on us east ladder, but I can help you out xfering stuff in NL. my account is couchman420
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    will you be on anytime tonight?

    edit: not to inconvenience you anytime tonight if you cant get on.
  4. You both see advertisements for Diablo 3 and remember how awesome Diablo 2 was too? Haha, a couple of my stoner friends did.... I'd like to play but i need CDs and a CDkey... I've bought the damn game literally 4 different times, idk what keeps happening to those discs
  5. bump so maybe more blades can see this...
  6. Diablo 3 is coming soon
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    I have to reinstall diablo2 but i have a bunch of characters on eastside. Do you play the expansion or the regular diablo2.

    This is my 400th post wamp
  8. ummm whats a blade? a gamer? wtf... im confused and high.. ima go play wow

  9. A blade is a Grasscity User.

    Grass blade. Get it? LoL
  10. i play us-east ladder. i just reinstalled it. xpwnzorx is my account name, i dont play too often but ill be on every now and then.

    that big bug in your sig scared me. i hate bugs.

  11. ohhhhhhhhhhh even high i didnt put those two together..
    Thanks man =) *thumbs up*
  12. I play the expansion. I used to play ladder, but it got reset. Haha. I might start up ladder soon though too.

    just hoping to get back in the flow somehow before I start ladder.
  13. Seriously guys.... diablo 3 is commin out ya kno
  14. Yeah, so? Diablo 2 is still a kickass game that's fun to play.

  15. Sooooo untill then we will continue to play diablo 2
  16. Wow I used to be so hardcore into LoD. I had 5 accounts full of lvl 90's and above. I view it like heroin now, I'm scared to go back cuz I'm afraid it'll take control of my life again.

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