Any blades on here sawmill workers?

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  1. Hello thought I would see how many blades work in the third most dangerous work industry. Absolutely love the work and can operate multiple machines. Currently an oiler but starting millwright training. I work at the second largest mill in the US. We run redwood primarily but also dougfir and whitefir.
  2. Federal Government put a lot of the mills out of business in Oregon by snatching it up as their own. Apparently they'd rather see it burn than provide a income for someone’s family. I’ve worked at two different mills in my life mostly just on forklift loading and unloading trucks. I loved the job my weeks flew by.
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  3. Nice man. Yea I can run forklift, log loader, bobcat, lineal edger, mcgehe edger, green chain, small chain, log bunker, oiler, unscrambler, and chipper. Now learning millwright great thing about this mill in Humboldt county when it comes to weed kind of don't ask don't tell. What you do is your business but leave it out of work. I never smoke at work dangers are too high risk to be stoned. Lost the tip of my left middle finger and had my lip split open. Also had chainsaw cut pants twice. First couple years it's hard to know what to look out for but now much better at identifying hazards.
  4. Yeah man the work is scary as hell I’ve seen so many flat fingers it’s ridiculous. fuckers just pop and leak forever it’s either loose it or pray you can do plastic surgery. I was just fine sitting on a fork lift only time I ever got off was to fix a band or tarp a truck.
  5. Fucking hate fixing bands lol. Oh can operate the bander too. Hella easy.

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