Any bisexual/gay men or bisexual/lesbian women on here?

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    I just joined the site. I tried searching for a thread but the search feature is disabled. Are there any bisexual men, or gay men who post on here? I'm a bisexual man as my posts have said and I'm just wondering if anyone else that posts here is a bisexual man? Or are there gay men who post on here? Do lesbian and bisexual women post here as well? What about trans people?
  2. This is a stoner site your priority shouldn't be to find gay and bisexual people, there are a few I have seen around though.
  3. I'm not here to hook up and I rarely meet people off the internet. I want to meet other LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexuals, and trans) people if they're on this site and if they're into smoking. I know a fair amount of LGBT people who I'm friends with in person who smoke but I was just wondering if anyone that posts on here is LGBT?

  4. Alright it's all good not trying to sound like an asshole and I'm pretty sure there is a thread about it search should be back up soon.
  5. I'm bi and I'm starting to crossdress. Sup guys? :D
  6. Lesbian here :wave:
  7. Secretly gay here.
  8. ^ Its not a secret :p lmao
  9. I just like people and sex...
  10. Secretly heterosexual here :cool:

  11. Openly gay then?

  12. ^ haha no but nice try though :D

    i like your logic

  13. Same.

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