Any beekeepers out there?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MSMJ, May 29, 2003.

  1. from my own experience with growing vegetables and flowers, anearby hive of bees will produce the best buds? does the same principle apply to growing pot? now don't y'all all laugh at once! I'm really a newbie to growing.
  2. Dunno if it will help, but it might make some kick-ass honey.
  3. LOL InferiorWang... I'll let ya' know about the honey! If I could find Smokinokie, I'll bet he could tell me if the bees pollinating the plant could make better and bigger bud.
  4. thanks, that does make sense. am still keeping my bees for the garden! pot will be in a different area.
  5. weed is in the subclass of Hamamelldae. which means that they are wind pollinated. which means that bees have absolutely nothing to do with ur plants. and even if they did...u dont want ur plants pollinated anyhow.
  6. thanks Froggy... would you believe that I flunked botany?
  7. ya would u believe that i got an A :)

    but i guess all those years of class finally paid off
  8. i'm thinkin of getting into beekeeping sometime in the future, i've heard somewhere that having bud around your hive will introduce THC into your honey(i have NO idea if this is true or not and haven't ever tried it) but i'm interested in finding out, though i'm pretty sure its bull...
  9. that would be super sick if they really did carry thc into the honey. sorry i have nothing to contribute, just had to say, I think beekeeping would be a pretty cool hobby.
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    yea i'm hopin to get into it fairly soon and maybe test out the whole THC thing by puttin a nuc or hive near a few plants:)
    i doubt it'll work, but IF it does, welcome to $100/pint of honey! and some MAYBE some THC infused Beeline, hell yeah i'm dreaming like a crazy person now!
    sorry to jack your thread man:(
  11. I'm going to do a few hives this year, my bro has a guy that keeps bees on his property. Every flower on his blueberry bushes had blueberries. The bees would drink the water out of the bottom of our "other blueberry plants". One good thing you can do is get an aggressive hive and put that near your plants, to keep away bad guys:mad:
  12. so defiantely no THC honey? not too surprised honestly
    and +rep for havingthe idea of a hot hive near your plants:wave:
  13. You could infuse some glycerine tincture, or maybe try to infuse right into the honey. Works with funny honey...
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    sorry, i'm kinda a noob with some things, this would be one of em, please sxplaing in more detail:confused:

    but that gave me an idea, sugar water is often fed to struggling hives, any way you can think of to get a sugar bsed substance infused with THC and then put it in water
    IF so than maybe when i get to bee keepin i will try it with a nuc or something and see if i get good:ey: results

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