Any bedroom DJ's in here??

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  1. Just started in the summer myself.
  2. I'm a deeply closeted DJ myself.
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  3. *raises hand* I don't play out anymore. I just like making mixes. Good stuff to listen to in the car =) I used to play out tho from 1999 - 2008.
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  4. My shure m44's keep skipping when i beat juggle and I can't figure out why. I've tried everything.
  5. I think my nephew is one of those. He broadcasts his drum and bass music over the internet. Why anyone would want to watch a guy turning knobs and hitting buttons is beyond me.
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  6. Change your tone arm height

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  7. Professional dancer, and I like to DJ as well with my nice computer setup. :)

    Runnin' with an i7 @ 4.2GHz.

    Couple buddies of mine DJ out at huge clubs in the Buffalo area.
  8. I Produce and DJ, starting a bachelors in Audio Production soon!

    I know I revived a year old thread hahaha
  9. I'm also working on a Bodak Yellow remix, I'd appreciate some feedback - you can hear it here..
  10. Nice dude, just made a new build myself actually.. I'm using Ryzen though, I wanted to give it a try :).
  11. Yeah been growing heat and spinin beats! check me out if your into those mellow deep melodic stuff

  12. I fuck around, completely self-amusement at this point. Though it is cool to make your own playlists for your listening later, ironically, i never want to re-listen to stuff i made or mixed. But i've been in ableton for 10 years and i can pretty much do it with my eyes closed. When i started trying to make "edm" I actually think i first was using acid music studio and imitating the new order records my dad used to play. I think I had to sit on a phone book to reach the keyboard back then!

    mister spivey

    This account has seen a LOT of content, sadly, most of which i took down, never put back up, never backed up, and perished in the great macbook pro loss of 2016
  13. i have a few mixes on Mixcloud... but i hate myself everytime i listen to them!
  14. Hi.
    Setting up my new studio soon.
    Can't wait wait to start producing again. Started using Sony acid studio about 5 years ago, made 9 tracks then got busy with kids and life.
    Wife bought me ableton 9 so I'm stoked to get up and running with a better program and new equipment.
    All my original tracks were made while toked up save for one i made live recorded direct from the yamaha synth totally drunk. That one was the most fun.
    The last two summers at the private festival that i usually do sound tech for , I've played a couple of sets. It really gets me pumped being up on the cdj's mixing tracks.

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