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any bay area heads?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SaturNeptune, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. i love this place..

  2. 408....any friends here???
  3. thas wassup mayne

    where the northern californians at?
  4. theres like hundreds of these bay area threads! yes we live here, and we smoke weed :D
  5. oh damn sorry..searched but didnt find any

    but yeah get yer smoke on:smoking::smoke::bongin:

    all people smoke out here is purple huh aha:D i dont blame em
  6. haha only the people that dont know watsup with good weed ;)
  7. 707, not really the bay, but they call it the north bay. Dank weed, microbrewed beer, and girls. Not a bad equation at all.
  8. great white from lost coast brewery is where its at!
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  9. 415 please
  10. Up in 925 here.
  11. in that peninsula 650 is what it is :)
  12. sometimes live in 650
    used to live 831
    frequent 415, 408

    represent :smoke:
  13. 408 over here, just picked up some DANK F15... seems like a strand that only reaches us :hello: shit is fucking CHRONIC! if you can get your hands on it get it, can't go wrong with a catpiss/trainwreck hybrid that always knocks me on my ass no matter what my tolerance is... i'm in love.:eek:
  14. stayin in the 925 right now
    but i'm from the 650/415 area

    though you can find me anywhere from the 707 to the 510 to the 408 lol
  15. four fifteen is only five min away from four twenty
  16. South City here... 650 - 415
  17. 510 but livin up by sac in the 530 now, i go to school in davis
  18. Yeeee

    I can be found in the 415 925 or 831


  19. Great White is, well, Great. Lost Coast makes a few really good beers.

    Former 510 here...

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