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    Despite popular belief the guy in my avatar isn't me its my cousin...he just looked so baked I had to put him on here I mean look at him...hes blitzed.

    Anyway this is the thread I shall introduce my self. My name is Shawn Davis....,I currently attend UAH where I'm a member of their jazz band...I've played bass for about seven-eight years seriously, but I've dabbled with it for about twelve years.

    Here is a vid of me playing at UAH about two years ago...I was kind of cousin was too...he couldn't stfu.

    [ame=]YouTube - shawn killin on bass[/ame]
  2. Heres me doing drums..their fun, but as you can tell I'm not as gifted at drums as I am at Bass mostly cause I've only for real been messing with drums for about a year or two.

    [ame=]YouTube - shawn on drums[/ame]
  3. So, any other guitarist/bass players here?
  4. Dude you are jammin bro.

  5. Was my one of my firt time messing around with a bass with more than four strings..ironically it was a six string...I love the added range the extra strings give me,
  6. pretty good man.

    I myself play Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Piano, and Mandolin in that order of importance (to me)
  7. Thats awesome man...I've always been jealous of people who play more than one instrument skillfully as you can see I'm only medicore at best on drums...i just do it for run and a change of pace..whenever im stoned.
  8. Your harmonics are great.

    What amp are you using?

    Bass is such a diverse instrument, even more so than guitar in my opinion.
  9. I have a thing for bass players. It's probably why I'm dating one. :D

    You sound great.

  10. The amp I'm not sure it was a while back sounds like a marshall though. The bass wasn't mine it was another students and I was stoned and was like lemme see it mostly cause it was a six string...and I rarely get to use a bass that has more than the standard four.
  11. heh heh heh. thats cute. :)
  12. Guitar is more diverse...but bass is the better rythym instrument and to me I can improvise a lot better than most of the guitarists I jam with. Hell, whenever I jam the guitarist usually waits for me to drop the bass line before coming in with something.

    I've never played guitar...ever...I tried a couple times, but the strings are so small and fragile. Bass is the better funk instrument though...and I don't really much like shredders.
  13. that i will agree with hands down. funk is nothing without bass. i improvise way too much on guitar, and im too lazy to write anything down. haha
  14. i have been playing bass for about 2 years now... i wish i could learn to play some lines like you my friend. im working on it. how do you get such a clean pop/slap? mine always sound fuzzy and dirty... :(

    i play the bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo (just got one) and the violin... but out of them all i enjoy playing the bass and violin the most.
  15. i never found slap/pop to be difficult. i knew the entire 'sailing the seas of cheese' by Primus by the time i was 12. haha
  16. Its all about practice my man..practice makes perfect...for me I didn't much have a choice my dad was a big funk guy Bootsy Collins and Grandad loved blues. And you know how some kids were forced to take piano lessons? Well with me I had to learn something whether or liked it or was between guitar or way back when I was eight I picked bass because it looked easier lol.

    I was forced to take lessons...missing power rangers episodes and shit it really sucked...I then smoked weed for the first time and started having fun with it using my lessons as a foundation and using the fact that I was stoned to be creative.

    I learned slapping/popping back about four years bass teacher taught best advice for you is to look up some lessons online they can teach you the perfect way to do it. Start off really reallly slow making sure you can can get a good slap sound out of every string then slowly up the tempo till you can slap on any string pretty damn fast. I find that most people mess up slapping at first because they start off trying to be fucking les claypool or something...simply put you gotta crawl before you can walk.
  17. like this!

    [ame=]YouTube - Victor Wooten bass solo & Amazing Grace - Budapest 2007[/ame]
  18. Ah, Vic's famous harmonic amazing grace...I've had the pleasure of meeting mr.wooten he was a guest my band professor managed to come meet us. I was to scared to ask him if he burned, but he gave me some really good harmonic tapping tips.
  19. DAMN! i envy you man! the best bassist ive met is Les Claypool but i really didn't get to ask for tips or anything cause i met him at a concert and neither i nor him had a bass on hand.
  20. I like'd be a fool not to admire his bass ability. I'm just not all that into primus...I wouldn't mind meeting the man though. Yeah, my professor knows wooten I think they went to berkley together.

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