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Any Baseball fans??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. if you had a choice of going to see a game between the yankees, and the mets, would it be better than a game between the yankees and the red sox.............over here we call a game between 2 teams who are in the same city, a "derby", and usually it's a big game..........

    also, what i don't get is that it appears that there's like 2 games in the one day, on Sat, one in the afternoon and one at night, which one would be best to go to, and which seats would be a good choice, doesn't matter how much they cost...........tnx in advance........Peace out.........Sid
  2. it all depends. the sox yankee rivalry has been historic and a huge deal for most of last century. While the Mets Yankee subway series is rather new and plus even though the mets are my team they suck real bad. so i would rather see a sox yankee game. unless u do the subway one at shea one at yankee stadium. About the seats i like being behind the catcher bacause you get a great view of all of the field. hope this helps.
  3. Definetely Yankees Red Sox game, that's the most exciting match up in baseball. And behind the catcher is probably the best, I also like along the first baseline. As for which game, I prefer night games because they just feel more exciting but it's really preference. If you're goin, have fun8).
  4. def sox and yanks
    down here its a freeway series between angels and dodgers
    they are always exciting
    also night time have fun sid (if ur going)
  5. Yeah, I agree with what most have said. Red Sox and Yankees would be much more exciting. Mets just aren't that great of a team (no offense to any Mets fans at the city :D).
  6. i rather go at the night game... cooler... all the 1000 watts HPS lights are on the big screem tv looks betters.. sox vs yanks will be a coo game to see...

    before the game in the parking lot u can smoke a few joints befor u go in...

    i would be sitting at almost lower middle sections... balls always fly towers those sections..... \

    what u planning on doing just got to ask..
  7. well decided to go for the sox game, and then come on here to find out that was the best choice........tnx guys.........tried for the Mets game, but it was completely sold out, i've ended up in the step closer to'll be the end of June shade.........Peace out.......Sid
  8. hey at least your going to be at the game, smoke a joint before the game and all will be good. i graduate high school at the end of june.
  9. Yo i went to the subway series world series game between the yankees and the mets when the yankees won the championship. It was awesome.
  10. Fuck the Yankees!

    Go Red Sox!

    Wheres the game? Be careful, there could be a riot no matter the outcome. Trust me, New Yorkers dont like Bostonians, and vice versa.

    The Yankees are just a team that was bought, any team in the MLB could win that many championships if we all decided to go over the salary cap.
  11. huge sports fan, basketball, baseball n football..
    im a huge griffey fan, i like the reds now i guess, seattle is still my team tho....and i hate the yanks
  12. it never gave me an option of either sox or yankees tickets, or are baseball games not segregated like European football is? does everyone hate the yankees?.......and if so why? it just like Real Madrid of Spain, who have too much money, and pay like $40,000,000 for David Beckham, and like $70,000,000 for Zinadin Zidane...........they're whole team nearly runs into the billions, and they pay them like $300,000 a week!........and that's without the millions from Pepsi, and Adidas for sponsership.........Peace out.........Sid

  13. i dont hate yankies.. but i rather for Doggers, and Angels......

    its a graffity city thing...
  14. Im from newengland and love the sox,the hell with the yanks, this year it will be boston on top.

    How about barry and sheffield getting banged up,must be getting old or the stuff in them is fadding away and now they feel like they to love it.

    But the yanks and boston are the teams to look for,you never know what will go on.

    Mets and yanks games are in the past,it was only good when john rocker talked about the new york people...remember that?

  15. Nah, its you sit anywhere no matter what team you like. But i meant like is the game in NY or Boston? I dont recomend wearing a Sox hat if its in NY or a NY hat if its in Boston, you will get harrassed.
    And yes, from what you described, they are like the Real Madrid of Spain, they already have the highest payed team in the league, then this year they went out and signed the highest payed player in the history of baseball.

    Something else i forgot. Oh yeah, i wanna see Pedro bean Jeter in the leg so hard you can see his leg break. Damn Yankees.

    Whens the game too?
  16. the games in NY, is it called "yankee stadium", or does it have a diffrent name, my g/f likes the sox better as she's a big "cheers" fan, and they allways got mentioned in the show........i'm not really bothered who wins, as long as it's entertaining, i read that your not allowed in with any bags.rucksacks this all part of the terrorism problem or what? for the game date, think it's the 28th June......7.00-7.30 start.........what do you's call the start of a game, over here we call it kick-off for football(soccer)..........

    i know that like baseball is over 9 innings, but how long is an inning, or what deems the end of an inning, if you's know what i mean?.........

    ps when the pitcher throws the ball, i know it has to be over the plate to count, is that right?.........but is there a height limit as to when it passes the plate, surely a pitcher just couldn't make sure it covers the plate, but then hits the ground, would that be a "foul ball" or is there a diffrent name for, look who doesn't know something for out.......Sid

  17. uhhh... end of of inning is 3 outs by each team while batting

    yes it has to be over the plate, and yes there it can't be either too high or too low. it's called a STRIKE ZONE

    foul ball is when the batter makes contact but it doesnt land in between the 1st and 3rd base lines

    red sox are the shit. champs 2004 hell yea go bo sox :-D
  18. If it doesnt go over the plate, its a ball. If it does, its a strike. 3 strikes is an out, 3 outs is half an inning, eaach team gets up once an inning. The "kick off" is just the first pitch. Yeah, you cant bring bags or blankets or anything because of terrorists.

    I love that you know nothing of baseball. Lol

    If they hit the ball and it goes out of the back wall, its ahome run, and whoevers on base scores a run plus whoever hits the homer gets a run too.

    If they hit it up, and someone catches it before it hits the ground it is also an out. Baseball is much better if you actually go to the game, rather than watching it on TV

    And yeah the Yankees play in Yankees Stadium, the Red Sox play in Fenway Park, with the green monster.
  19. no offense to baseball lovers out there, but i dont think the sport is that exciting.

  20. It is if you like it!

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