any Bam Margera fans out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by Menace, Feb 29, 2004.

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    ...are there any bam margera fans out there? I really like the CKY videos... and the stuff he did on jackass that wasn't just cuts from CKY... and jackass the movie kicked ass too... I still haven't seen haggard though... does anyone know if there is a CKY 5 in the works? that would be too cool... Viva La Bam was alright... I liked it because you see alot of things similar to CKY... the guys that hang out there for real every day... like brandon dicamillo... he is my all-time favorite...

  2. cky is great, and there is a cky5 commin out its calld haggard or somthinglike that, not sure the spelling is right. and because of cky i listen to HIM, and love that music
  3. Bam is cool I guess, he kind of sold out but whatever I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. I've been into that whole crew ever since the first Landspeed video - CKY came out in 99 or whenever that was.

    Like Luke, me and my friends were so influenced by this we spent countless hours filming and editing our own video. We had some seriously insane shit, our local police have 2 of those minitapes from the camcorder(you can tell it wasn't my camera). One of the tapes the cops needed to prove my friends weren't trying to rob a laundry mat(they went in to do some stupid shit like hit one of them over the head with something and the lady thought they were trying to rob her, rofl). Another time we were filming my friend who was supposed to trip and bang his head against a window of a chinese restaurant. Well he did just that, except the window shattered(like a 6x6 foot window!) and he had these blood capsules in his mouth and they broke so it looked like he was really bleeding like crazy! You should have seen the cops pass around my friends camera and laugh at what happened and at all the other shit we had on that tape.

    Well one night we were all chilling at a friends house getting drunk n stoned, and my friend whose camera it was decided to kick a hole in the kids whose house it was' wall. Now none of us are friends with him anymore and he claims to have 'lost' all the footage, even the 30-min edited promo we had which was fucking awesome. I can't even tell you how much $$ I would pay to get all our footage back.
  4. Jackass and cky were good, but viva la bam is just fuckin hilarious.
  5. cky and jackass have influenced me and my friends so much, filming all of our skating and stupid shit we do, mostly pyro shit.
    haggard is an actual movie with an actual script and everything, and its fuckin hilarious
    "Why dont u try like....masturbating to your own ass or something like that, try to get that shit goin eh?"
    download it or rent it or something
  6. Haha, ya CKY and Jackass are great. Me and my buddies used to do a whole bunch of stupid shit like that too. Some funny things were going gown a huge icy hill in a blue box, straight into a big jump. My buddy almost broke his leg that night haha. Other ones included skateboarding off a house roof, jumping into random hedges and trees, and falling in restaurants with big trays, and other shit like that. It was fun, but we dont do it anymore because we realized how dumb it was.
  7. As far as humor goes, I guess Bam's straight.

    But from a skateboarding perspective, fuck Bam. All he did was bastardize the industry, although it was heading that way anyways. Plus, when you look at his skateboarding skill and the recognition he gets for it, shits lame. So many am's out there have so much more skill, and infinite more style than Bam.

    Overall, not too fond of the guy.
  8. i dont watch sk8 vids but he is one of my fav sk8ers

  9. I used to have every episode of all 3 seasons of jackass, plus the mtv cribs special, the backyard bbq special, the music video special, the making of the movie, "opening the ass" special, all 4 cky's plus the cky documentary... but my hdd failed and I lost all my videos... do you have video(s) on killhits . com?

    Haggard has been out for quite awhile... that's not CKY5... Haggard is an actual scripted movie... not a documentary style stunt/skating video... as I said in my origonal post, I have not yet seen Haggard... but i've heard it's good...

    sold out how? by doing his own show on MTV, or what? I would have definitely done that if I were him... jackass was dead and over with... i'm sure he is making very much more money working for MTV than doing CKY videos...

    yeah, unfortunately i've missed alot of the episodes... my favorite was one of the early ones... the only part I can remember of it now was when they got rake yohn blindfolded and had him hitting that wasps nest or whatever and he got all stung up... it was so damn funny...

    yeah, thanks for correcting it:p didn't see it until now...

    I definitely meant his humor and not his skating... I personally am not a fan of his skate video... I always liked him from jackass and the skit parts of CKY... I wish they would have put less skate footage in the cky videos actually... or at least seperated them so you could watch just the comedy stuff, or just the skating stuff... or both in a row... that would be cool...

  10. Bam is the biggest homosexual on that show, I wish his fat dad would just snap and beat his ass.

  11. Good luck. We went in to several places on many different occations to try to get our tapes back but they just dicked us around. My friend even went in with his Army uniform on, didn't help at all. We didn't have any lawyers though, so I'm sure that you will be better off than we were.

    If it's evidence in a case, and that case is either settled or dismissed, you have to wait a certain amount of time to be able to collect it. If it's still pending, you will have to wait much longer.
  12. Bam mergera is so nuts. All his buddies are insane. But it makes for some hilarious entertainment. That dude can bust out the deck too. Neversoft put him in THPS 3 if my memory is correct.
    I still say CKYK2 is the best vid. CKY3 was dissappointing and so was the jackass movie.

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