any autos that will do well outdoors or waste of time?

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  1. From northeast USA fooled by very early nice weather started my fem Dutch passion frusion dew and Hollands hope along w kc45 reg. Out of 25 22 are allready a few inches out of the dirt. I have good locations to place these but need to do so asap. I plan to check progress often and anything needed to correct a problem im prepared to do whatever. Im very into this entire process. Ive spent hours upon hours reading . I want to do this more than anything. Can I expect results from the seed banks descriptions of these strains or arey hopes too high.,also wanted to invest in some autos put them out may orjune what would be my best option. Ive seen Pandora and samsara ultraviolet are suposed to be outdoor autos? thanks
  2. i grew low ryder #2 outdoors in southern ontario and it turned out awesome. i didnt give it nearly as much light or nutrients as i should have but it still turned out to be a very nice smoke.
  3. What was the yield per plant?
  4. Most Low Riders should do well outdoors. The auto flowering gene comes from cannabis ruderalis, which is essentially ditch weed. I wouldn't buy any autos from Nirvana. The ones I grew from them weren't stable at all. I'm not a huge fan of autos all together honestly. The low yield and poor quality are too much to ignore.
  5. Good to know before I spent entirely too much on a hit or miss. Im still gonna see what theyre really about mYbe even watch one grow inside, and choose a crazy strain id never be able to finish around here outdoors
  6. Oh yea well I understand they have alot of weakness to the outdoor environment. but what if they could be hoisted into the trees in just the right spot.
  7. lowlife auto ak 47 excellent big auto haze high
  8. Also check out Sour 60 by Mdanzig & Onyx by Short Stuff

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