any and all guitar players please take a listen

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  1. something i just did for a band that wanted to hear me play. one take some mistakes oh well..

    please let me know what i can do to improve my playing!!

    sorry not the best quality but it works

    plus rep if you listen lol

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  2. Great sound you got, dig the distortion/overdrive...

    I gotta say I'm extremely biased towards jazz so I didn't really dig any of melodies/chord progressions, it's too rock/pop for me..

    But as for your playing skills, work on the timing more... try tapping with your feet because you got off a lot and I was counting along and had to slow down/speed up a lot.

    Also IMO the solo was really...well not bad but I just wasn't feeling it at all, the melody and note placement(also way too much bending for me on that high note) it kinda hurt my ears a little bit... I guess I'll just say try coming up with a solo very slowly and try and add more variety to it, and really listen to the notes you are choosing. It almost sounds like you are playing out of a guitar riff book, it needs to sound more natural....

    Work a bit more on playing in key, aka if you play C major you shouldn't throw in too many black notes or it will clash too much with the chords. Your chord progressions were all in a certain key and you kept throwing out of key notes, which will only work if you change your chord progression or use these notes VERY VERY lightly...

    I guess I can't really say much else because I just prefer a different style of music.... but definitely work on your timing more, you have a lot of potential and a nice guitar / amp sound.

    Sorry if i'm too critical, like I said i'm super biased towards jazz.
  3. no man tell me more if you want lol..

    that was actually my first real attempt at anything outside the pentatonic. most of the really out of place notes were by accident.

    idk if you like blues but that's really my strong point i could put something up of that if you like it better.
  4. just because

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