Any amazing munch-outs lately?

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  1. 3 bowls of applejacks, a big cookie, a box of wheat thins, and a can of coke...

    Bout you guys?
  2. i had some warm brownies with chopped milkyway in the middle. mmmmmmm
  3. well i'll usually grab a sandwich, some chips, and a bowl of cereal with a diet pepsi to drink.
  4. harvey's veggie burger with onion rings and a root beer !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i had a lot of bowls out of my sick new pipe i bought two weeks ago, Bought 2 Green Monsters and some sour gummy worms and just cruised. :smoke:
  6. Well right now im involved in a wake 'n' bake day session with my Bong. Woke up at 11am and hit the bong outside in my garden then chucked on the laptop re-heated my free domions pizza from last night, hit the bong again and here we are right now.
    Probably gonna eat another slice then hit the bong again.
  7. omfg dude..i need to have those..just made my mouth start watering!
  8. i hate the munchies haha..last night i had:3 bags of doritos(sweet spicy chilie,spicy nacho,and cool ranch) then subway then a lemon lime gatorade and a couple oreos and milk..horrible! of these days i gotta get fucked up and hit up red lobster and get some sea food alfredo omg its so good
  9. 2 Stouffers french bread pizzas, half a box of chips deluxe cookies with the white chocolate AND milk chocolate chunks, bag of triscuits, Arizona iced tea, box of Kraft mac n cheese, pepperoni bites...

    There was more I just can't remember. I believe I had an appetite increasing strain... because these munchies were like no other.
  10. A skip sandwich with nutella on top haha
  11. Monday night, before I flew back to CA from NJ - my mom made some really frickin' awesome baked ham with this 3 cheese mac and cheese with breadcrumbs on top and a bunch of mini deep fried cheddar/potato pierogies with butter on them.

    Best meal I've had in a LONG time... *drool* I want more...
  12. Im on my 6th piece of chocolate cake :smoking:
  13. Yesterday I went to this Asian Buffet place for lunch after smoking a few bowls.
    Noodles, chicken fried rice, egg rolls, teriyaki chicken, etc.
    It was fuckin great
  14. i just made a box of kraft macaroni and cheese with three hot dogs.

    i've barely eaten any of it and i feel fucking disgusted. that could be the speed though.
  15. Today is "Brat Day" at the office! My personal best is 7 bratwurst (with onions and mustard, of course).

    I have lost 42 pounds since I set that record and won't be going for it today, but I will have 3-4!
  16. Acai smoothie with banana, wheat crackers with smoked ham and dijon mustard, cranberry juice and a gyro made from last night's meal.
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    I got this badass machine called the GT Express for my apartment. Its so badass, ill throw in some bread or a tortilla, and throw whatever the fuck I want on it, and cook it and it will be something amazing. i've made some crazy shit

    [ame=""]GT Express For 101 Speedy Meals in Minutes[/ame]#

    EDIT: i just made some badass burritos, i warmed up some sasauge, some chicken patties, made a microwavable hashbrown patty that I mashed up. Threw it into a tortilla with cheese, and it was awesomeness.. need to find a type of sauce to put on it

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