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  1. this is my first grow. I'm using a hydroponic cab mixing DWC and topfeed. I planted 5 Fruit spirt, and 3 Jacky White. they all have sprouted but 1 of the jacky whites kind of sprouted funny as you can see in the picture. does anyone know what this is? also it gets kinda warm in the cab (at the most 85F) any ideas on cooling it down in there? my ppm is staying pretty consistant around 60, and my pH is staying around 6-6.5. are these good levels? any advice or comments are appreciated!
  2. 85 isnt terrible, but you need to get it lower by better exhaust or something. As far as PH, 6-6.5 is too high for hydro, thats soil watering PH. Hydro is 5.8 for the sweet spot. I normally shoot for 5.6 and let it rise over a few days to 6.0 and then PH down to 5.6 again.

    And you have no picture attached.
  3. ok well i'll put some pH down in the reservoir. I just put in a window AC unit in the room and opened the doors to the box so hopefully it'll cool down. hopefully the picture works this time. haha

  4. Looks like you put 2 seeds in there or somehow you got a twin. I have never seen anything like that if its from 1 seed.
  5. well i can guarantee I did not put 2 seeds in there. I only had 8. but yeah, its crazy. thanks though!

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