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  1. this is my first grow. I'm using a hydroponic cab mixing DWC and topfeed. I planted 5 Fruit spirt, and 3 Jacky White. they all have sprouted but 1 of the jacky whites kind of sprouted funny as you can see in the picture. does anyone know what this is? also it gets kinda warm in the cab (at the most 85F) any ideas on cooling it down in there? my ppm is staying pretty consistant around 60, and my pH is staying around 7-7.5. are these good levels? any advice or comments are appreciated!

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  2. I've actually had that happen to me where my seedling only had one cotyledon. It still has the first two actual leaves right ? No worries then. Not sure why they do that, maybe just a genetic mutation. I currently have a bud growing out of a leaf so there you go. At this point P.H isn't to important though I'd keep it below 7 even now. When you start feeding it becomes a bigger issue. There are many schools of thought on the subject but personally I think between 5.6 and 6.3 depending on stage of growth is ideal. Like I said thats just my opinion and many will differ. As far as cooling is venting possible or are you running a closed system ? The important thing is the water remains cool around 68, maybe a bit cooler if temps remain 85 for long periods. I don't know, hope that helps a bit.
  3. Your plants need more light or the light moved closer. They're not loving the LED. Would suppliment with some cfls.

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