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  1. I've been gardening for years now and I have grown bagseed in the past. I'm considering getting a pack of seeds but have no idea where a reputable place to buy them offline. I dont smoke heavily and I'm looking for something with really fruity taste. Can anyone help me out? Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Find a simple easy to get seed bank ...local is good

    and ask for a lemon fruity flavor strain

    maybe super lemon haze from the Dutch Greenhouse seeds

    good luck
  3. U in states or in another country?

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  4. I'm a big fan of 'BarneysFarm' seeds. Also a fan of 'DNA Genetics'. Those are my two go to.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm in the United states. Are there any seedbanks in America to order from?
  6. I've ordered from both Seedsman which is in Spain, they will ship to the USA. Also, a USA based place that is excellent is Mephisto Genetics. They aren't a bank, just a breeder so they only have their own seeds but if you like to grow auto's they would be an EXCELLENT usa seed source. I've grown a bunch of plants from seedsman, and I currently have 4 different strains of Mephisto seeds going.
    sorry, I can't help too much on the flavors - i mostly smoke from a bong and when you combust the flower like that I think you kill the taste compared to something like vaping where the flavor can come out at lower temps. Plus even vaping i'm just not good at picking out subtle flavors like that. but the above are a couple places you can start looking at selections anyway - I'll leave choosing a fruity one up to you :)
    Oh, I've never used them but I have seen some good feedback on Oregon Elite Seeds, also in the usa. and they are a complete bank offering seeds from a lot of different breeders, like Seedsman.
  7. I’m in the US and ordered from Growers Choice. They’re one of the few I found that would take CC payments.
    Ordering was simple, fast and discreet shipping right to my door.
  8. I ordered from seedsman and I am definitely satisfied. It wasnt very discreet tho just a pack of seeds in a bubble envelope

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  9. Check out tasty treats out of miami fl.

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  10. The site looks nice.
    What did you try of theirs ?

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  11. I think it was like something slushie and he had somethin else growin but wasnt done,,i personally havent grown their stuff it was a buddy

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  12. I'm either gonna give tasty treats a shot or Neptune. Now to decide what strain.
    Will be my first grow.
    Decisions ....decisions

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