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  1. I smoke a lot throughout the day.....and I’m just curious, do any of y’all do anything to like better your high or make it last longer that actually work? Besides the obvious smoke more weed
  2. edibles is the most powerful way, but you need to know how to decarb the cannabis first. for me if a smoke 1 gram will last like 2 or 3 hour, but if I decarb 1 gram, grind and add to lemonade and drink all it will last around 9 hours
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  3. #1 T-break, nothing beats that
    #2 change strains
    #3 pretreatment with CBD (don't ingest at the same time)
    #4 welcome to GC!
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  4. Mangos before smoking
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  5. learn to manage your drug use by managing your Tolerance

    simple as ...why do you toke?

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  6. Coffee is supposed to prolong the high.
  7. Just relax & chill
  8. Lowering expectations is the only real solution.

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