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    Im 21 years old, still living at home with my mum. I go to work and pay rent at the end of the month. My mum thinks it is normal to snoop around my room everytime im at work to look for anything to do with drugs (I only blaze). I have told her numerous times that I should be entitled to some sort of privacy seeing as im 21 and pay rent. I actually pay more rent than what she does so am I right in saying what ive said?

    Also, she seems to be really against cannabis due to her going to the carribean and seeing people 'mentally ill' from smoking cannabis. She has tried it once but greened and has been against it since (while she was in the carribean). Is there any way of telling her that consuming cannabis doesnt 'fuck you up mentally'?

    Id also like to add that she smokes 20-30 cigarettes a day and thinks cannabis is worse than cigarettes.
  2. Kick her out bro. Tell her when she starts putting in her part she can come back. And since you pay most of the rent you should look through her shit and see how she likes it.
  3. I can't help but agree with above poster. If you can afford it, search for a new apartment AND a new roommate. Then when you move out, she won't be able to do anything.Sent from my oldass iPhone 4.New MTG player
  4. Moving out really isnt an option right now. I just want her to stop searching my room.

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