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  1. Hello fellow cannabis lovers I have 4 Sativa dom in their 4th week of flowering and I’m seeing orange hairs is this normal? What are the possible causes I haven’t seen any nanners at all. Do most outdoor crops get pollinated? Thanks for looking at my post

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  2. Looks good orange hairs are normal, when you finally harvest most the majority will be all orange and curled back in.
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  3. That's completely normal.....your plants are looking good!!!
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  4. [Thanks trying to get the hang of this lol
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  5. looking good, all looks normal.
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  6. Looks like it is going to be a good yield.

    You asked:
    It depends on your neighbor who are growing too. One plant in your neighborhood that is male can cause shit for you.

    I live in a country and region where weed grows wild. I take time to clear the feral stuff from my property, but I still got seeds in my buds, but only a few
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  7. For sure I know their definitely is wild stuff around I did clear my property but I also back up to 500 acres of public hunting land so I’m sure there are some males out there. Thank you for the info greatly appreciated my fellow grower

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