any advice to noobie?

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  1. i wanna start a small(3x3x6???) indoor setup. any advice to a noob?? was thinkin of a self contained thing, w/ co2, timer, nutrient delivery, etc....please help!!! legally growin nugz...who would have thought??
  2. You're planning all that for your first grow??? Jeez, and I thought I was nuts for going hydro the first time out.

    My advice, from one greenhorn to another, the learning curve when you start doing this is HUGE. There's so many variables to consider, from lights to ventilation to nutrients, that even if you have the money for the best set-up ever, unless you also have an experienced person to walk you through it, start simpler. Then you can always work up to the more complex stuff as you learn the basics. But just starting out with the most complex set-up immaginable will actually increase your chances of failure rather than increase your yield.

    Please forgive me if I misunderstood. :)
  3. Thanx, fullmooncat. I have read lots about it, and have been wanting to grow for years, but have been...away, for many years(LSD=prison time)
    i had no idea how much growing has advanced.
    what would anyone recommend, as far as all that stuff. does brewing wine produce enuff co2? what is the best self contained unit?( before i went away, the phototron was the only thing out, but then, cell phones were a bag the size of a shoe box)
  4. Well I don't know about self contained, so I can not give you any advice there. But I am growing in about the same size as you mention. I have a grow tent lined with Mylar. 2.8 x 2.8 x 5.3 I have a 400 HPS light in there. I am growing in a Rubbermaid 18 gal rubberneck container. I cut 3 holes in it for the pots that are filled with hydro-ton and the seeds are planted in rockwool after germination. I use a 30 gal air pump with 2 air stones. I use a 265 cfm fan for exhaust. For nutes I am using the Lucas Formula with GH Flora nutes which has made my life very easy as with this formula your PH and PPM is always where you want it to be if everything else is going smoothly. So with the DWC hydro going, and the Lucas Formula for nutes, its pretty much on auto grow. I look at them everyday and have nothing to do.

    But I am also going to scrog it, so I will have work to do anyday know as they begin to reach the screen.

    Good Luck to you.
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    Nothing hard about hydro. I think you will find your biggest problem being the plants overgrowing your box. In a little box like I would suggest soil. I have grown hydro in little boxes and I always had a problem containing the plants using hydro.

    I made this

    a while back and my plants grew out of control in that little box. I don't even use it anymore. If I did need to use it I would do soil this time..... Dam shame too because it got rather expensive to create that thing... Oh well....

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