Any advice on frosty plants?

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  1. I have an autoflower strain that is by far the frostiest I've ever dealt with. I need advice on how to keep these green and healthy all the way through.. the leaves are dying non stop(browning then crispy). The color is pale. It seems like when I feed it, the color doesn't change but might get worse slowly, and the trichomes are getting more abundant at the same time.. do they need more nutrients or what?
    "Same" strain, one seems to be handling things a little better with just the discoloration happening. The other is frostier with more issues.

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  2. when i see that the first thing that i think of is PH of the feedings. Are you chking ph?
    Looking nice. Good work.
  3. I do check it.. but it's with the drops. So I've never been 100% sure of my phone lol I go off of the color. I was thinking that too though.. maybe even the soil ph?
  4. And thank you!
  5. I'm never 100% on the ph.. I go off of the color of the test drops
  6. Looks like a bit of nutrient lockout. She’s at least struggling to get K. The curled up leaf serrations with burnt looking tips and leaf tips that look burned but too far up the leaf for nute burn and going necrotic. If she was just hungry, you would expect K to show up on lower or shaded leaves, because it is a mobile nutrient. When it starts to show up all over at once, it is usually because something is making it unavailable. Could be ph or lockout from excess nutrients. I would slurry test your media and see what your ph and ppm look like. Get a $15 ph meter and something that will read ppm/ec. Both well worth the investment if you plan to grow herb. Yes I know ppm is high. If it’s over 500, I would flush it until it’s in that neighborhood and lighten up the feed on that one. Good luck. Cheers

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