Any advice on finding a dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sergeant Grimm, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Yeah, so, I am just getting into smoking and wanted to know if there was any process in finding a reliable dealer? I have a friend headed up to Detroit this week to get some from her dealer, but she can only get a quarter and the guy is six hours away. So, you guys got any advice on finding a good reliable dealer, or does it just come to you with time?

    Also, I bought a vapor genie as my first pipe. bad idea?
  2. A 6 hour drive for a quarter ounce?

    Fuck.. I won't even drive get off my couch for less then a 1/4 :p

    Just look for stoners, man...

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  3. if u go to school then finding someone with pot shouldn't really be a problem, but finding a consistant dealer can be a real challenge.

    in the last 2 weeks literally everyone i know who deals has quit or gotten busted so i am currently looking for a dealer myself.
    if u have other friends that smoke try asking them who there dealer is and see if you can come along next time he gets some weed. if u like the guy and he likes u see if hew will become ur dealer. that's really the only way i know how to find one.
  4. for me its all about networking, however, I don't "look" like a stoner at all, so when people find out I do, they're skeptical at first, but then once they see me toking, it's all good.

    Start asking your friends who would be cool with it, I'm sure they know someone. Drop some subtle lines at parties you attend about smoking, may be someone there depending on your area.

    Bottom line, the dealer isn't going to find you, your going to find the dealer. (most of the time)

    If your sketched out about someone, bring a friend, or just don't go to that particular dealer and find someone else, be patient.
  5. I have four friend who are always dry, and a few friends who have some, but its shitty reg. Even though I am a beginner at this, I don't want to smoke shit.

    Hopefully next semester when everyone comes back I can get in contact with someone through one of my friends.

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