any advice for a first time grower

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  1. seed have germinated and been planted and have begun to show leaves i need help anything is appreciated:hello:
  2. the more you read, the better prepared you'll be. I'd suggest getting a friend that grows to shoot idea's with about your specific grow room. One last thing. Be very very patient and it WILL pay off. (don't start flowering till the plant is a damn tree.):smoke:
  3. I agree that you need to read, read, and read some more. Check the sticky threads at the top of the beginner's forum, and also links in my sig. We can't tell how much you do and don't know already since your post has no details, but you should know that all good growers are self-educated.

    I disagree, however, with the idea of telling a friend. Don't tell ANYONE about your grow, that's the fastest way to get busted or ripped off. Come here to GC for advice while remaining anonymous.
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  5. if ur asking what you need to know to be safe then my advice is this:

    A) keep your grow and its location top secret. Tell no-one...the fewer the better if you must tell someone (only tell those who MUST ur gf if u live with her etc).

    B) be aware of cars and people following you to and from a hydroponic store.

    C) be aware of cars/people following you to your grow spot (even if you havent visited a hydro store/pot club)...if i EVER see a car following me to my grow i always drive past it. its always been a mistake with me but its better than letting someone catch you.

    D) be aware of light leaks (especially out of a window) looks a little odd with lights blaring on at 3am...which leads to my next tip

    e) if possible (i know it costs more but work with me here) run your lights during the day time...that way if light does leak out its harder to see during the day with the sun up...this also helps against flir as most of the time they go out at nite to see grow spaces lit up like christmas trees.

    F) NEVER...EVER...EEEEVVVVEERRRR send grow equipment, seeds, or any marijuana related items to your grow spot...EVER...not a seed, not a pipe/bong, not a "weed growing 101" book, not even a pot leaf tshirt.

    send those items somewhere else.

    G) dispose of your leaves, stems, and all other plant matter dont just put it in the garbage can or in the yardwaste bin (some places have a separate can for yard trimmings (ie. grass, trees, bushes, etc.)

    what i do is blend all my left over plant matter in a blender and flush it down the toilet....or bag it all up and dump it in another garbage can somewhere else. remember anything you throw away and put on the curb (for garbage day) is no longer YOURS its basically free so the cops and take your trash without a warrant if its on the curb...this could get you caught if you have anything related to a grow in there...this includes breeder packs, plant matter, anything with marijuana residue, etc.

    ive found its best to be OVERLY cautious rather than overly carefree.

    remember...dont tell anyone you grow. ever. thats the most important rule.

    and as a side note...DONT STEAL electricity...its best to just pay the bill when it comes...a high bill doesnt mean the police will come to your house!
  6. You think sending grow equipment in plain boxes is sketchy? Obviously you should never send the seeds to the residence or commercial area you are growing in if you are not legal. But as far as equipment goes, can't you be buying a grow tent and lights to grow peppers? I'm interested in this because I have to order my shit online very soon and didn't think it would be a big deal to ship the tent to my crib where I plan to grow. I already have the seeds shipping sorted out. I guess I could send all the equipment to my work place or something, it would just be more of a headache.

    Explain why I shouldn't be sending the grow. equip. to my residence!
  7. dacaliforniakid- great advice 4 indoors bt wat of us "less fortunates" who grow outoors? with helicopters n smell n that kinda stuff? I ask cuz i like ur answer 2 indoors the best.
  8. its fine. people don't just purely grow weed indoors. there are many hobbyist that garden indoors. Cannabis is just one of many plants.

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