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  1. Well as the title implies I am adopted. I have never really had a drive to find my "real parents" or as many say my genetic ones, but as college rapidly approaches me I'd like to meet them. Unfortunately I don't know anything. I have no clue what my mother or father's name is or even if there still in my state. I live in CT if that helps. I have no clue where to start. Tomorrow im going to call Connecticut Adoption Services and see if they will be able to direct me, but it seems like the paperwork for this sort of stuff is hard to find. I just want to meet my genetic family to understand things about me that I can't really understand. I like my family but in the back of my head I have always known that I belong somewhere else. I am appreciative of my parents don't get me wrong but I have a right to know! I don't want to disappoint my parents or offend them by asking them for clues. So anyone go through something like this? Im just looking for some direction. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. Would have been pretty weird to hear that you were adopted when they told you though, even though u are looking for your genetic parents just remember the people who raised you were better parents then anyone in your life. Blood can only run so thickSent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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