Any $50 Dry Herb Vapes?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sligtone, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I'm looking into trying vaping instead of smoking, but don't want to spend too much money if I don't like it. Does anyone know of any decent dry herb vapes around $50?
  2. Check out they sell a mini that works pretty good for the $$ they been around for years also...
  3. This Grenco Science G pro cost me $80.
    A little more than you want to spend, but it's pretty good for bud.

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    Try VapCap M! it is 50$ and works great, it's crazy efficient as well! If you live in Europe you can gen one in our store
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  5. G Pro is considered harmful - it does not feature sealed airpath. Also, it is a rebrand of chinese Titan 1, very, very low quality vape. Get other one if you can, there are better options for the money.
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  6. Didn't know they were harmful.
    Don't use it that often.
    Just got it to try occasional vaping
  7. Look into the xmax v2 pro. You can pick one up for $58 from puffitup.
    As far as budget capes go, this one is probably the best in that price range. I own one and it produces great vapor.
  8. I actually just ordered the V2 Pro 3 Series and got the dry herb attachment. I was originally looking at the V2 Pro 7 series (For a few months now) and finally saved up but than once you factor in the tax and tobacco settlement fee it's $140 instead of the $120 they list it as (Which still isn't too costly, but I was honestly looking for a smaller pen style, So I'm happy that I ordered the series 3)
  9. I don't think that it's a rebrand of the Titan, but I think other counterfeits are. When I bought my "G Pen," it was identical in almost every way. When the warranty registration was giving me trouble and then the mouthpiece started cracking from overheating a couple days later, I ordered a replacement mouthpiece from Grenco. It wouldn't fit on my G Pen. I called Grenco to angrily say "wtf?" And they had me send in a couple pictures. The one that proved it was counterfeit was the shape of the air holes at the bottom. Mine only had like 3 in each direction when a legit Grenco has 6 or something like that.

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