Any 420 Friendly People Who Attend Su Or Are In The Salisbury Area

Discussion in 'General' started by HuckabeeJellyDickATM, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hey I just transferred to salisbury university not too long ago and was wondering was there anybody else on gc who goes there or lives in the greater salisbury area thats down with the herb?

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    If you are referring to Salisbury in the UK, then I don't live far, near Andover... But I am looking as well ahha
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    lol theres definitely not a university of salisbury in the uk he must be a yank
    and id say try to make more normal friends before stoner friends.....its iv managed to convert quite a few into fully fledged potheads with me as their "guru"
    how can I start? :confused: and I mean in Maryland :smoke:
  5. lol where is salsbury?
  6. My stepbrother goes to Goucher in Towson.
    Try to make some friends in Goucher or College park.. thats where all the trees at from what I hear.
  7. Im at Frostburg but Salisbury is the shit, about 1.5 hrs from here in PG.
  8. We're all 420 friendly, this is "grasscity" man

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