Any 1 done mescaline?

Discussion in 'General' started by weigner420, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Has any one done mescaline or peyote? I don't really live in an area where you can find it or where dealers would have it, but it's on my to do list. I actually wana do it for the trip, spiritual junk and whatnot. anyone have experence or experiences with it? if so post it up.
  2. I wonder what its like compared to shrooms or LSD
  3. Indeed, I kinda wanted to get a feel for mescaline cause I'm going shroomin for my first time this weekend actually.
  4. I am really interested to try mescaline. I've done lsd a bunch of times and shrooms a few, but it seems mescaline is hard to locate.
  5. neone ever heard of mescaline chocalate bars?
  6. I have done mescaline, never seen it for sale though. I extracted pure Mescaline crystals from some san pedro cactus i was growing(i can buy buttons of the stuff but it's expensive). It is VERY intense, moreso than Acid i reckon. More of a kind of "natural" psycadelic, as in it makes you appreciate EVERYTHING natural and religious, has made me cry realising how beautiful nature is several times. Just a tip, if you ever do it take it in the middle of a forest/field somewhere out in the wilderness and it will change you. It makes me nautious though, I feel a bit sick for a few hours of the trip, I feel good after I puke, like my body is being purged of everything bad and makes me feel a WHOLE lot better. Can't say it will make you sick but it does me and i dont mid, it's part of the experience.:wave: I'm a little high right now so most of that probably wont make sense:rolleyes::smoke:.
  7. yeah, i have done mescaline back in the day, and it is like Piru is saying... very clean, very pure high, serious awareness and understanding type trip...

    but you have to go to nature, better not to do it at all than in front of a tv or surrounded by the everyday...

  8. can one buy these san pedro cacti legaly at a nursery?
  9. doing a little research on san pedro, yea ya can buy it at nursury's or plant shops just gota find one that sells them. Havn't found any places that sell them in my area so far so I might have to wind up buying them online, but not sure how relyable online resources for san pedro is. But thnx. Just asking, but would ripping a bong a few times before and durring the trip help with the nausea thing?
  10. I consider myself pretty knowledgable about pyschadelics.. you can get san pedro SOMETIMES at a nursery or sometimes even at a home depot, just need to look for the scientific name on the tag...the scientific name isnt popping into my head.

    you can also grow them, from seeds.. pretty easy, much easier than growing weed.. and its 100% legal to do.

    you can also buy cuttings on ebay.. then make tea from the cuttings.

    mescaline is very similiar to mushrooms in that it feels very organic.. it does last much longer than mushrooms though.. usually between 8-12 hours.
  11. I felt that mescaline was a much clearer, directed trip than mushrooms. Hard to describe, like any psychedelic experience. Mushrooms are still probably my favorite.

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