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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fury 360, May 15, 2010.

  1. Basically, Ever since I have smoked pot my second time, I have gotten these episodes of freaking out and then all of a sudden I have the urge for help, because they do not seem to be going away, last time I smoked was like a month ago, and the anxiety is getting pretty bad. If this keeps up I'm probably going to quit, is there any way I can stop this, (except for quitting, which I'll probably do).

    EDIT: It pretty much flashes back to when I started getting them during my high, I started going all crazy, and It's a really uncomfortable feeling. :(
  2. Yeah, some people only get anxiety from weed. sometimes it develops as you get older, like with my dad, and sometimes that is just the way it is, like with one of my friends. i guess you can always try psychadelics, shroomery is the place for that

  3. Well, I just want to get rid of the anxiety not like try anything else.
  4. mary jane no longer wants you as her lover :smoking:
  5. catnip or passionflower tea before smoking a bowl and smoke a small bowl.1-.2 wait 15 mins and then smoke again.
  6. Yeah try smoking really small amounts, like just take a hit, then if you feel good after like 15 minutes, take another.

  7. Alright, I appriciate the help guys. :)
  8. smoke in a comfortable environment... do something you enjoy...

    i see people getting anxiety after smoking when they aren't somewhere they can relax
  9. What exactly occurs during these "episodes"? Please explain in detail, cause you might be harming yourself more than helping yourself.
  10. yup,that it in a nut shell.If you feel uncomfortable,do whatever it is that you want to do at that time to make you comfortable,that cures it for me.If the people your smoking with get weird and quite and you notice it,point it out.If your thirsty,get something to drink.If your bored,suggest something to do.

  11. Basically I felt like I have returned to my second time I had a "bad trip" (not really a trip since it's just marijuana). I had thoughts of me being stuck in the bad thoughts I was having for ever, when i closed my eyes I would see very faint patterns, which I liked, but then I would see this image that kept on changing back and fourth, which I started to think was the beginning of the universe. But then after that, I was like, this is just an image in my mind, lets calm down. After that I had basically all these thoughts of opposite things, basically I was thinking how everything in the world could be the opposite, and noticed how opposite of me my friend was, and then I started thinking that he could be bad (and only bad) and I could be good that has been convinced by the bad to be stuck in a "bad trip" forever. Anyways, now that I have said this, my anxiety attacks kinda flash back to these ideas I had, and makes me really worried, scared, and that I need help with it, sometimes I even was scared that I got schizophrenia just because I over thought things. And yeah idk, last time I smoked was around a month ago (exactly a month ago, actually), so I'm pretty sure the effect has left me. But I have been smoking a lot of cigarette too, and I have quit them because I realized how they are unhealthy for me around a week ago, I have got some cravings but I'm not going to do them, no matter what.
  12. Wait you just now realized how cigarettes are unhealthy? omg... lol

    But after reading your post, Fury... I think you might need to go to a doctor - I've never heard of reactions like that... there might be a bigger issue here and marijuana might not be the cure-all for it
  13. #13 Fury 360, May 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010
    Well, I knew they were bad all along, but I realized they were getting out of hand, so I quit, maybe the quitting might be contributing to my depression and other stuff that's going on, but yeah. If it doesn't get better within a month or so, I'll go see a doctor, it's only bad if I start to think about stuff like this (which is hard not to). Plus, I wont be doing anything, no alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana. So it should all be good.

    EDIT: like right now, like 96% of the day I felt pretty calm and relaxed. But when I'm usually not occupied with anything, and I space out and think, there is a chance of me getting some anxiety, but I handle it a lot well than before. :)
  14. Weed has changed my mind, I don't even think i'm the same person anymore.

    Before I smoked, there was a giant water dam in my mind holding in all the shit that bothered me all my life. The water was near the top ready to overflow, and every so often the water would flush our my eyes. Smoking planted C4 all over the pillars that held the walls together, then blew it up sky high and all that water, worries, anxiety, depression, anger, confusion fused into a cocktail and flushed my entire body.

    It was like the movie 2012 in my head, it was a complete shift in my head, and everything had to fix itself. Took many many months before I fully recovered.

    Million dollar question, was it the weed? I think so, most probably wouldn't.

  15. Couldn't said it better myself, that is the exact same thing that has happened to me.. The metaphor you just wrote was very accurate to what I have experienced. My mind thought It was the end of the world, and that there was a shift in my knowledge and a great change in the way I saw myself. This does go away though, right?
  16. I hate to bring this regurgitated quote by Bob Marley, but he once said "When You smoke herb it reveals you to yourself"

    I believe that is the most absolute truth. All our lives we're brought up in a way to impress others, and we're in a way programmed a certain way. People actually out of their way to buy labels on clothing, it's so pathetic and it's such a common thing that people don't really think about what they're doing.

    That sort of thing can bring the ones who are not in the wolf pack to feel like utter garbage, because they're not "cool".

    Once I smoked the herb, reality settled in and BAM, I realized how fucking stupid everything is. Commercials no longer have an effect on me, being high makes me think around everything. Everything is just an illusion.

    But back to what you said, it does go away, at least for me. I'm completely fine right now. Like I said, it's a mind shift and everything has to refix itself. Just like a tsunami, a single crack in the earth causes a worldwide shift in water.
  17. Well it happens to me once in a while, but I really enjoy this experiences too. My all body feels weird, but I realise that I`m just high, my body feels so light. Remember that you can control your thoughts if you want, don`t be afraid, it`s gonna get away, try to enjoy life, small thing and you should relax. Toke only with people that you are comfortable to be with and in the place where you can feel relaxed.

  18. =) next time i get the chance to blaze ill try that.

    thank god you posted, i feel the exact same way. I was falling asleep one time as my tv was turned on, I have noticed how dumb commericals are and how they are trying to influence people to buy products.and same with some certain movies and types of music, and also games. And yes about the clothing I totally agree, the labeling part is just used so people will profit, the "popular style clothing" exists just for the money.
  19. Just find you an good internal med doctor and get proscribed xanax.. Then you'll be able to smoke all you want..

    I thought it was the weed giving me anxiety.. In fact, it only added to my stress since my doc told me i was in the beginning stages of depression..

    If you continue to smoke, do something.. Dont sit and ponder about how life sucks.. We all know this.. Find ways and thoughts that do make you happy.. Dont blame weed for life's stresses..

    Also, try changing the strain you do smoke..
  20. So you don't even blaze consistently, but you believe marijuana is the cause of your anxiety? Sike. You are tricking yourself into believing that your minimal usage of said ganj has some how sprung a large anxiety ordeal. You are either lying to us all together or you are way off target. The anxiety you're experiencing could not possibly be rooted within the herb if you aren't blazing that often. That's just fucking ridiculous. Like, I understand that long consistent use can be damaging to the mental condition of an individual, but that doesn't sound like you. You would need to sparking up everyday, high all the time practically, and do this for a while. But I can guarantee weed can not do that so quickly with such minimal intake. Blaze strait for a few months and then come to me of your complaints, cuz I could give you advice then. You probably just have depression or anxiety triggered by hypochondriac like thoughts. Weed can't do that bro. Trust.

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