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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by formeraddict, May 18, 2004.

  1. hey does anyone here ever get anxious or agitated when they get a little too stoned. i dont mean paranoia regarding certain things happening, but just overall anxiety and agitation. sometimes close to panic and overhwelm ever?
  2. I used to occasionally, my heart would beat really fast and sometimes I felt like I was starting to hyperventilate. No idea why it happened but it stopped a year ago..
  3. in response to your remark "no idea why"

    i read on erowid little while ago that some of the side effects of marijuana along with mood lift were agitation, anxiety, and panic in some sensitive users.......i was wondering if this happens to a lot of people. i smoked weed relentlessly for a couple years without a problem but after a bad mushroom trip and a cutback on smoking (which has resulted in a decreased tolerance) my mind is a little more fragile. i can still get decently stoned and enjoy myself, but i feel if i were to be any higher, i might feel like i were losing control ( or starting to have a panic attack which i have had before in sobriety after cessation of use) the panic attacks were actually a result of my withdrawal from im starting to ramble....sorry im stoned
  4. yeah that shit used to happen to me when i smoked alone..... now it doesn't .... i dunno
  5. i dont really get anxious usually i get paranoid because of my parents.
  6. Getting anxious is a side effect of being really paranoid, normally when this happens you need to just relax, try smokin and stay at home ande just watch T.V. or a movie and see if you still get anxious.
  7. Used to happen to me. if im alone mostly.. and always when i smoked harsh dank... my eyes would feel really heavy and shit too..
  8. yea, the other day i was at the hookah bar and i had to stay there by myself for 15 minutes while my buddy went to go get his girlfriend. andi was sittin in the corner tokin the hookah stoned outta my mind, then everytime i would see somebody laugh i would think 'they're makin fun of me cause i'm smokin the hookah' .. even though they were smokin the hookah too. then i'd realize how incredibly stupid it was to think that then i'd laugh and be cool. but that thought ran through my head like 10 times in 15 minutes. but luckily i had it under control.
  9. yeah, a few times I have had so much anxiety it feels like I'm going to black out (sometimes everything gets blury). but I am not really scared at all, and I was pretty relaxed at the time.
    one time it was at a family get together and I had smoked a huge joint outside and minutes later had to come in for dessert. if anyone found out it would have been a disaster. man was that INTENSE. my heart was racing so fast, but I was playing it cool, my mind was totally relaxed and chill. but my body was shaking and everything. for some reason i got more messed up being nervous. everything ended up fine except they took a lot of pictures and I was telling myself not to look stoned and i look ripped out of my mind. in half of the pictures one eye is closed with the other half open all bloodshot. it was great :)
  10. remember guys.. its just weed.. u cant die if ur heart starts beating fast..
  11. I have found this type of anxiety to be related to these factors:

    * irregular breathing (early hyperventilation)
    * blood-sugar drops from fast hitting stuff

    For me, it always ends if I stand in a fresh place and focus on getting an even and effortless breathing going. A glass of water can help, but I believe it is mosly the breathing-pattern that causes anxiety.


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